CODE Interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation!

CODE Interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation!

Kathy did an interview with NPR about CODE and the VIRALS series last week on their program Talk of the Nation!  You can visit the NPR website to listen to the seventeen minute interview or read a transcript.  Check it out!

On top of that, we got a nice article published about CODE in the Otaga Daily Times by Geoff Adams:

And the plot was just as thrilling as any I remembered from my Ransome days – there was a small gang (in the older and less sinister sense) of youngsters who use a boat, but instead of bows and arrows, are involved in using their mysterious ”Viral” powers (a touch of sci-fi there but convincingly explained) as well as modern technologies, and their favourite game involves the sport of geocaching using GPS co-ordinates in treasure hunts (much more in tune with our digital age).

It seemed to be in tune with the lifestyle of youth today, but provided a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter, short ones, compelling reading, even for an oldster.

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